Grand Masters Letter for February 2013

Office of the Grand Master Office of the Grand Secretary John C. Macek Michael K. Lynch 106 Rivers End drive 1113 Maplefield Road Seaford, Delaware 19973 Newark, delaware 19713 301-748-1591 Greetings: Aspire to inspire before one expires. Three members of my family are teachers, and during the holidays I had opportunities to ask on of my brothers and his wife a couple of questions regarding hoe it feels to be a teacher. Now I should have seen it coming, since I'm not a teacher but I failed to do so. " Phil, how do you know if the kids are being receptive to the lesson?" After a brief history lesson, in two part harmony, the gist of it was their attention.

Grand Master Letter January 2013

Office of the Grand Master John C. Macek 106 Rivers End Drive Seaford, Delaware 19973 Office of the Grand Secretary Michael K. lynch 1113 Maplefield Field Road Newark, Delaware 19713 Welcome Brothers and Sisters, To the dawning of a new year. Mayal your endeavors be filled with promise and surprice in the moments of time. "If you wake up, and don't smile...if it takes just a little while; open your eyes and look at the day; You'll see things in a different way." Throughout ones journey may you keep an open mind. For, no one knows when that next lesson will present itself. The knowledge lesrned can produce a bounty of ways to which one can give of themselves.

Eye Care Presentation Lake Forrest High School

Eye Care Presentation Lake Forrest High School

On April 30, 2012 the Delaware Eye Care Committee of The Grand Lodge of Delaware presented a check to Lake Forrest High School in Felton, Delaware for the purchase of a new Titmus V3 eye testing machine.

Your donations so generously given made this presentation possible. Thank you for your help.